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The Rider Center for Wellness

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5309 Village Creek Drive #300
Plano, TX 75093
Phone: 972-392-3353
Fax: 972-755-6908

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About Dr. Michael G. Rider:


Michael G. Rider, D.C. is a primary care provider licensed in chiropractic care.  He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University, a B.S. degree in Human Anatomy, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from the profession's leading research institute, Parker College of Chiropractic, in Dallas, TX.  He has supported continued research, educational development, and high licensing standards as a former Alumni Board Member at Parker, and as a state proctor for the national licensing of new doctors.

Dr. Rider specializes in finding nerve origins of chronic conditions such as headaches - the No. 1 American health complaint.  For seventeen years, his clinic has been a haven for scientifically based, practically applied, restorative health care with a commitment to quality and family practice.

Nerve stress leads to such diverse conditions as headaches, allergies, asthma, low immune system functions, fatigue, sleeping disorders, digestive problems and neck, back, arm and leg numbness, tingling and pain.  Chiropractic care relieves nerve stress and restores normal function to the nervous system thus enabling the body to heal itself naturally.

Dr. Rider is truly sympathetic with the aches and pains that cause many people to seek his help.  He personally suffered for years with debilitating back and neck problems.  On the brink of surgery, he sought chiropractic care with such positive results that he resolved to leave his career as a mechanical engineer and return to school himself to become a doctor of chiropractic.

Dr. Rider's purpose is to support as many people as possible in their quest for health, and to educate them about chiropractic so they may, in turn, educate others.

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The Rider Center for Wellness
5309 Village Creek Drive #300
Plano, TX 75093
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  • Phone: 972-392-3353
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