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January 2013

For two years I had digestive and allergy/sinus issues. Then, for a year, back issues started. Being the active person that I am, all of these issues were impairing me from participating in some of my favorite activities, including exercising, work, and enjoying time with my family. I tried going to my general physician, my allergist, and different specialists, but all of these doctors prescribed the same remedies, drugs and surgery, and never fixed the problem.

When I met Dr. Rider, I felt like I was dying and/or going crazy! Every doctor told me I was healthy, mainly because I look fit, and would keep filling my body with pills. Nothing seemed to be fixing the problems/pain I was experiencing. Then, the most amazing thing happened! I sat down with Lisa and she gave me a back scan and x-rayed my neck, and for the first time I could see the cause of my problem! After this, Dr. Rider sat down with me and did the most amazing thing ever! He didn’t piece- meal me information about my problem, he gave me a full explanation, how he was gong to fix it, and a time table on how we were going to work together to become healthier.

I’d been to a few chiropractors in my life. They would treat me until I felt better, and when I’d complain of low back pain, they never x-rayed my neck. They’d pop my hips and be done. This numbed the pain, but only for a short while. I’ve always had an open mind about trying different types of medical treatments, and knew that I’m the most responsible person for my health. However, once I realized that drugs were never going to fix the problem, and Dr. Rider explained to me how the medical industry operated, it shined light on how I was going to truly get better.

After a few sessions, I could already feel a huge difference! I was walking better, my attitude improved, my sinuses cleared up, and I was sleeping better! I felt like ME again. But it only got better after that! After three-fourth of my program was complete, I had more energy to complete tasks that I was never able to do over the past two years and am able to exercise where it does not cause extreme pain. I’ve learned more about how to medically take care of myself from Dr. Rider than any Doctor I’ve ever gone to. I don’t know where I would be in my life if I had never stepped foot in Rider Chiropractic!


November 2012

My name is Finley Horton and I am five years old. I enjoy swimming, dancing, playing basketball (and watching Dirk and the Mavs!), running, jumping, and just having as much fun as I can. I have been coming to Dr. Rider for over 3 years. I did not have any symptoms or issues, but since I am a very active girl, my chiropractic care helps me stay that way. My hope is that my chiropractic care will help me fight off all the crummy germs that go around, recover faster when I get sick, and help my body stay in the best alignment possible – so I can continue to do all the fun things I enjoy. It will also give me an advantage in my total body health as I grow up.

I love coming to the office with my mom, dad, and little brother to see everyone here! My mom has to MAKE me leave every time!

I recommend that every kid get chiropractic care!

Sonya, LVN

October 2012

I came to Rider Chiropractic after one of his people came to our office. I have to admit that I truly did not believe in Chiropractic Care. Being health care personnel, I just thought they manipulated people more than they needed and just made medical conditions worse. WOW, I soon learned that I was completely WRONG!!! In fact it was quite opposite.

I was having a lot of low back pain and bi-lateral knee pain. I’ve had LBP for several years after a back injury in 1990 and my knee pain started in 2004. So I just figured these would be things that I would live with for the rest of my life. I had just recently started seeing an Orthopedist and Rheumatologist off and only to hear that I have arthritis in my knees and they offered injections and I refused. I figured I would not do that until I absolutely had to! So, I just went on with the pain periodically, and medicated very sparingly.

But I can truly say that, since I’ve been coming to Rider Chiropractic, my life and pain has changed. I can truly say I don’t know the last time I’ve had knee pain. I can walk up the stairs without pain, and while carrying groceries. Heck, I even ran up a flight of stairs one day (at least what I call run). I no longer have the popping and cracking in my knees. I no longer have the constant low back pain. I just feel so much better overall.

I wish that everyone could take advantage of care that I have received. This has truly been a life change service for me. I wish more people would do like me, and let down their guard about chiropractors and give Dr. Rider and his team a try. I know that they will be truly helped and blessed by the care and improvement of their overall health.


September 2012

Success with Detox

Allergies and acne have been a part of my life since graduating from college. Both have been mostly under control for a number of years with diet alone, but I have been lax in the past two years and they caught up to me this year.

I have used the ionic foot bath in the past with good results. The ionic footbath is a great way to detox, and it only takes twenty minutes! I would detox at the onset of allergy season or mild illness. I noticed my acne was better! The footbath seemed to make my allergies and acne lessen.

This spring, my adult acne and allergies were at their worst ever. Since detoxing with the ionic footbath on a weekly basis, my acne is almost gone and so are my allergies.


August 2012

I came to Rider Chiropractic in January 2011 with severe back and neck pain. Treatment gave me immediate relief! I also have Crohn’s Disease which was causing uncomfortable joint pain. After only two months of chiropractic care, I got off my prescription medication for inflammation. I still have occasional headaches, but not as often as before I started treatment. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 1987 and I feel healthier in 2012 than I’ve ever felt! Thank you Rider Chiropractic!


July 2012

In 1998 I was in a car accident that left me suffering from whiplash. I went to an accident & injury clinic that seemed to help briefly, but then the pain came back. For the past 14 years I had extreme pain and discomfort in my neck and back. I also had very limited motion in my neck. This constant pain left me frustrated, and it became hard to perform regular, everyday activities. I was concerned that I would never feel any better. Then I found Rider Chiropractic! Dr. Rider’s adjustments have helped me to gain more motion in my neck, and the pain is becoming less and less each day. I am thankful for the care Dr. Rider is giving me, and would definitely refer others to Rider Chiropractic.

 Stephanie Minshew

June 2012

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12, and had been experiencing numbness in my hands and headaches for the past 2 years.  Prior to finding Rider Chiropractic, I had seen an orthopedic doctor for my scoliosis, and a general medical doctor for the numbness I was experiencing.  I had been taking Advil and Tylenol for my regular headaches.  My scoliosis was making it difficult to stand or walk for long periods of time, and I couldn't walk long distances.  The numbness I was experiencing interfered with my daily activities, and the headaches caused nausea and dizziness.  I was concerned that the numbness would progressively get worse. 

Since my care started with Dr. Rider, the pressure on my spine from the scoliosis seems to have lessened.  The numbness is less frequent, and my headaches are minimal.  Dr. Rider's adjustments are helping me to feel much better!

Tammy Tate

May 2012

Prior to seeing Dr. Rider, I had been experiencing migraines for 5 years.  I had gone to two different medical doctors to see if they could help alleviate my pain.  I tried using Excedrin for migraine relief as well as the Imitrex, Maxalt and Treximet that the doctors prescribed.  Even with the prescriptions, I was experiencing insomnia that interfered with my production at work.  My migraines would also make me nauseated so I wouldn't want to eat, which in turn interfered with my blood sugar levels and I would then get another headache.  These migraines were starting to intensify in severity and duration.

Since I started care at Rider Chiropractic, my headaches have decreased dramatically.  When I do get one, it is milder and easier to function through.  I feel that Dr. Rider is giving me the best optimal health and performance through my treatments.

Sarah Israel
April 2012

Prior to chiropractic care I suffered from chronic daily migraines and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).  I was sick for a year and a half and missed almost a year of school.  I went to an exercise physiologist, biofeedback, a cardiologist, a neurologist, an allergist, and spent a week in the hospital undergoing intense drug therapies.  I was completely and utterly incapacitated.  Dr. Rider and his staff were wonderfully helpful in my recovery.  They not only helped with my posture, but also enabled my body to work together properly so that I could heal.  Even though chiropractic care didn't fix me completely, in conjunction with my other non-drug based therapies I was able to return to an extremely high functioning level.  Now, I feel great and stand up taller!  Without a doubt I would refer others for a chiropractic evaluation.

Chris Holden
March 2012

I have had severe migraines about once a month since I was in third grade.  I always had high levels of tension in my neck and shoulders, but just passed it off as being tense.  About two years ago my joints began to ache on a nightly basis, and my body just felt out of sync.  Since I began care at Rider Chiropractic, two months ago, I have not had a single migraine headache and my joints feel amazing. I am a new person!

Prior to seeing Dr. Rider, I saw three different specialists for my migraines. No clear cut cause was determined so all they were able to do was prescribe me high power migraine medicine. The same caliber of migraine medicine that some specialists believe to be harmful to your body every time a dose is administered.  I was also prescribed Adderall to keep my focus and energy up because I thought I had ADD… turns out that I was just under extreme fatigue and have no need for Adderall at all!

I have been IMPRESSED by how chiropractic care has helped me.  It became clear very quickly that chiropractic care is not only a viable treatment for what I was experiencing, but that this form of care should be considered first for almost any long term condition or sickness.  The spinal cord is kind of a big deal!

Linda Krieg
February 2012

I have had back issues for years.  Around 1980, I learned that I had mild scoliosis.  After sitting at desks and computers for so long my back became worse.  It was to the point of being unable to walk at times.  I have also had headaches which became worse over the years, and developed into migraines. 

In December 2009, while walking from a store at a mall to my car, I was hit by another car.  I was not allowed to walk for 4 months nor have my treatments with Dr. Rider.  During those 4 months I did not experience my migraines, but when I went back to work they started up again, worse than before. 

However, since August 2011 I have not had migraines.  I am sure it is because of the extra good treatment I have had since the 2009 accident.  I can say that keeping my alignment has helped with the migraines but also my ability to be able to get back to walking 'normal'.

Ana Jalili
January 2012

Before I started seeing Dr. Rider, I suffered from migraines, sinus headaches and vertigo for 15 years of my life.  I had been to see various doctors including an allergist.  Previous doctors prescribed medication for my migraines and vertigo, plus I was taking over the counter pills to alleviate the pain.  When the pain was at its worst I was unable to work or take care of my family.  Since I started my chiropractic care with Dr. Rider I have not had any migraines, my vertigo is gone and I am experiencing sinus
headaches less and less!

Kirsten DeGregorio
December 2011

Before I came to see Dr. Rider, I had experienced migraines for the past 10 years.  I had been to a neurologist and had even undergone acupuncture to try to alleviate the pain.  The doctor prescribed several prescription medications including:  Imitrex and Frova.  There were multiple times that I ran out of migraine medication, and would have to stay in bed because I would feel awful if I went to work.  At the worst point, I was getting shots at Care Now, which only made me sleep all day and miss out on spending time with my family.  There was also an occasion that I ended up in the emergency room. 

Since I came to Dr. Rider, my overall health has improved.  I feel better, and the migraines are slowly diminishing.  I even ate some chocolate on Halloween without having to worry that I would develop a migraine afterward.  That felt great!

Thank you Rider Chiropractic!

Darin Wolfe & Family
November 2011

Prior to seeing Dr. Rider, I had significant back pain for 10 years.  My wife, Stephanie, and our daughter, Savannah, were experiencing severe migraines to the point they were missing work and school.  We had been to another chiropractor and had seen neurologists for Stephanie's migraines.  The neurologist prescribed Imitrex for the migraines, and I would take over-the-counter pain medication when my back pain would get unbearable. 

Since we became patients of Dr. Rider's the adjustments have eliminated Stephanie and Savannah's migraines, and my back pain has been drastically lowered.  We even started our two younger sons, Evan and Travis, under care. 

We love the care we are given at Rider Chiropractic!

Bobby Taylor
October 2011
Before I visited Dr. Rider, I had severe low back and neck pain, my knees ached to the point I'd have to stand up and walk around.  Also, I would get these terrible migraines that felt like nails slowly being pushed into the lower back part of my head.  The low back pain had been going on for a few years, but I thought it was normal due to the sports I played and rigorous training I went through on a weekly basis.

 I'm not the kind of person to go to the doctor when I first notice something.  Instead, I tried everything to get rid of the pressures in my spine myself.  However, the pain finally won, and I was on the lookout for an alternative.

Eventually, I went to a Doctor of Internal Medicine who, after hearing my symptoms, treated me for having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  It was odd to get told I had a disorder at 19 years old, and to be put on an amphetamine for what he said would clear my head.  After taking the medication for almost a year, I realized I needed to choose another route.  The medication was only a temporary relief for my pain.

On August 10, 2011, a representative of Dr. Rider's came into my work, and let me tell you, she couldn't have shown up at a better time.  I was just about to take the day off I was in so much pain.  They were able to make an appointment for me that very same day, and I went back the next day to speak with Dr. Rider personally (on his day off due to my work schedule) about my results.  I never knew how many factors there are to the body's nervous system.  Imagine having one wire fall out of place in the middle of a city grid.  What happens? The entire grid shuts down.  Your body is a machine, one loose circuit will create future problems whether you see symptoms, or not.

Chiropractic care has changed my life.  I haven't felt healthier, more alert and mentally awake than I do now.  As for that medication, I cracked the bottle slam dunking those worthless pills in Dr. Rider's "Drug Freedom Trash Can"!  I haven't been back to see the doctor who prescribed them to me since seeing Dr. Rider.

Dr. Rider and his staff are great.  Andi always makes sure you understand anything you may have questions about, and it's always a plus walking in the office to her big smile.  Dr. Rider has a great personality and he's always asking what's new in my life.  He is by far one of the most respectable doctors I have met.  I have told so many people about my chiropractic care and how it's changing my life.  I hope many others do the same, so they can experience a happy, healthy, stress free life

Randy Smith
September 2011

When I first came to Dr. Rider, I'd been having daily headaches and neck stiffness for over two years.  My energy level was extremely low and my patience was thin.  When the headaches were bad, I would only want to sleep.

My regular doctor's only solutions were pain and sinus medications and muscle relaxers. Fortunately, before I spent any more money or time on medical care I found chiropractic through Dr. Rider. He was quickly able to diagnose my neck issues and explained very clearly the nerve / neck connection to headaches, sinus and fatigue. 

Since the beginning of the treatment, my quality of life has improved greatly.  From day one, I was able to feel positive. Though the headaches did not disappear instantly, just knowing that I had found a place that was going to help me left me with a positive attitude.  I was relieved to know that there was a reason for my pain and that it could be treated without medication.

Another great benefit to the treatments is that my body is functioning better.  I used to need about three weeks to recover from a cold.  Now that my body is not constantly handling head and neck problems, I recover much better and have fewer colds.  I notice coworkers struggling for two to three weeks with a "bug" that just slows me down for an afternoon and is gone in a few days.

Dr. Rider and his staff offer a wonderful environment for healing and wellness.  I have never met a friendlier office.  They are genuinely interested in getting to know you!  My adjustments have become something that I look forward to as I not only receive valuable physical care, but also have a great time with friendly, caring people.

Kimberly Wilkes
August 2011

I have struggled with Migraines for 14 years.  I would often miss work and on the weekends was so exhausted and miserable would just lie in bed.  I even considered filing for disability.

I met with Dr. Rider and agreed with everything he said about my condition.  Then after I began treatment, I discovered my migraines had "magically" disappeared.  I am ELATED with the care I am receiving and feel like everyone here is truly concerned about my well-being!

Julian Brown-Clark
July 2011

I had back pain over the past few years to the point where it was becoming difficult to continue in marching band.  Our friends mentioned I should see their chiropractor for help.  We met with Dr. Rider and he explained in detail my problem.  After only a few adjustments I was starting to notice my back pain had greatly decreased.

I have been amazed at the things I have learned here.  Now that I know all that I do, I am confused as to why I wasn't encouraged to seek help here prior to our friend's recommendation.  My back pain has reduced significantly and it is a relief to know what is wrong.

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