Promoting Your Chiropractic Office: 9 Tips for Chiropractor Marketing

Simply offering top-notch services for a chiropractor is no longer enough to get patients into your office. Potential patients need to know how good your services are before they try them out, and online directories, listings, and review websites make this information accessible. Existing patients are valuable in terms of repeat business and a referral channel. Consequently, online marketing to get the most out of potential and existing patients is crucial, so here are 9 simple chiropractic marketing ideas to promote your office.

9 No-Brainer Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business — The  Evidence Based Chiropractor- Chiropractic Marketing and Research


Get Found With These 3 Chiropractic Marketing Strategies


  1. Develop an online presence. If your chiropractic office is not online, you should be. If you don’t have a website, get one. While it often takes years to get a decent ranking in Google and other search engines, you can speed up the process by listing your business in every online directory of chiropractors you can find, and you’ll soon discover that there are many out there. Start with the ones that pop up first when you search for chiropractors and work down. Yelp may have already created a page for you with basic information, but if not, you can create one yourself. It’s fast, easy and most importantly, free!  Be sure to include pictures and lots of pertinent information, along with a catchy slogan like “Live the active lifestyle you deserve.”
  2. Leverage social media. More and more consumers are finding local businesses through social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  At the very least, create a Facebook page.  Once you’ve developed a following update it from time to time with helpful advice on nutrition, exercise, stretching techniques, etc.  If you don’t have time to write posts, you can always include links to relevant articles instead.
  3. Make connections with other businesses.  If you don’t offer massage at your office, scope out businesses that offer therapeutic bodywork and offer to trade referrals.  Connecting with other medical professionals and perhaps acupuncturists is a no-brainer, but what about seemingly unrelated local businesses?  If your office has a favorite health-conscious place to order lunch, consider leaving a menu and/or a few business cards on your counter.

Get Customers with These 3 Chiropractic Marketing Initiatives 

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  1. Use the power of positive thinking. Many people may be unfamiliar with chiropractic techniques and unaware of their benefits. Encourage your patients who have had remarkable outcomes to share their experiences on your Google+ or Yelp page. You can then also post those reviews on your own website. Fill your Facebook page with links to articles about medical breakthroughs that are providing hope for people in chronic pain. All of these positive results will encourage patients who might be on the fence about seeing a chiropractor to come in and explore the possibilities with you.
  2. Offer a new patient special. A patient who is on the fence is more likely to come in and give you a try if they’re getting a good deal. Whether you offer them a free consultation, a free X-ray or a whole discounted package, the trick is to get them in the door so they can find out what you have to offer. Be careful with offering a free or discounted massage, however. You may get many customers coming in for a free massage who have no interest in long-term chiropractic treatment.
  3. Incentivize referrals. Offer free or discounted services to customers who refer their friends and family. This will make your current patients happy, while also growing your client base. Be sure to promote your referral offers on your social media pages and your website as well as in your office waiting room.


Get Repeat Business with These 3 Chiropractic Marketing Methods

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  1. Stay in contact with your patients.  Encourage them to give you their email address, and send them notices of special promotions, new equipment, changes in office hours and anything else that might be of interest, such as new blog posts or even a monthly newsletter.  It also allows you to ask your customers for their feedback.  Be sure to keep the emails infrequent however, maybe once or twice a month, or they may get annoyed and unsubscribe.
  2. Offer “frequent flyer” type discounts and memberships that will keep patients coming back to achieve certain milestones for rewards, such as a free massage.  If the “reward” is an introduction to another service or treatment you offer, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.  Offering package deals such as a 10% discount on ten treatments when purchased in a block ensures that they’ll keep coming back at least nine more times, giving your patient a discount and you the money up front to help pay the bills.
  3. Treat every patient as if they were your best customer.   Sometimes when a business offers a coupon or special deal, they get an overwhelming response which can lead to unfortunate and unintended results.  If you didn’t read this blog in time and offered say, a free massage, and now you’re inundated with takers, it’s critical that you somehow manage the flow. Customers who feel they’re somehow being treated differently because they have a coupon are quick to complain about it on your Yelp page.  It’s okay to give your current patients priority scheduling as long as you carefully explain to your new customers that you’re inundated with new patients right now and will schedule their treatment as quickly as you can.  Don’t overbook, and make a concerted effort to give each patient your very best. Remember, this is why you offered the coupon, and this is your chance to show them why they don’t want to go another day without your services!

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